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[A few folk might remember a strange feedback conversation system I did a long while ago, called Disco - this is the same sort of system by which it generated responses (a kind of weighted Markov chain (that's not really right in any regard, but it's a useful lie)) let loose on the poems of G K Chesterton].

What does M3EW stand for?

It's simple, really. M3EW is an mnemonic used to remember the names of my four blogs - those names being M3EW, 3WME, EMW3 and WE3M.


Trying painting with oils for the first time in my life; doing it completely wrong (whole thing done freehand with the one (bit too large) brush, not even cleaning it when changing colours, and just squeezing the paint directly onto the canvas then pushing it around), but I can see myself getting used to this (so much easier than trying to follow a reference photo, anyway).

EDIT: This was just a vague sketch of a head rather than any specific individual but, damn, isn't that the spit of what would happen if Patrick Stewart and the Mekon had a kid together?

A blurry photo of the Craigiephone

It's a little "amateur electronics", but I like it. 

Haiku don't rhyme.

I met the awesome
Alexander Douglas Home
In a house in Rome.

Introducing the Craigiephone

It's monophonic! It only has eight 'keys'! It can only generate simple square waves!

But we have multitracking if we need polyphony, those eight keys are individually tunable, and filters can take simple square waves and make them much more interesting. Plus the Craigiephone has a nifty little rheostat thingy to change pitch on the fly.

Will upload a picture tomorrow, but in the meantime here's a little test track (first track has had a stereo delay added and been dropped an octave, second track has had a digital chorus filter applied).

Click here to download
A Chain of Songs
....well not necessarily songs; another stupid idea where I think "I know! I'll make an incredibly convoluted word-chain type thing and then write a song for each entry!" In the hope that just getting the title for a song will be enough to inspire me to write a song. Which doesn't really work. Ever. "Shopwork", for example - what the deuce sort of name is that for a song? *sigh*

Note: incredibly big image; best not to click on it, really. Not to click on it, as Dr Moreau would instruct.